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Real Estate

There can be many pitfalls in dealing with real estate issues. First, always remember that in Alabama any agreement pertaining to real property, or real estate, which the parties agree to must be in writing. Unlike other types of contracts, which may be deemed valid when only agreed to verbally, that does not apply to real estate contracts. Second, when buying a home in Alabama the thing to remember is “Buyer Beware”. There are no warranties that automatically go with a home that has been previously occupied. Buyers must be keeenly aware of potential problems or faults in a home and those concerns must be questioned and addressed specifically before making an offer to purchase. I always advise clients to hire a qualified home inspector to go through the property and do a thorough inspection and provide a written report of any current problems or potential problems that might become obvious after the sale. Also be aware of easements and right of ways that may impact your property.

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