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Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates
Everyone needs to have a Last Will and Testament. It is essential that you make the decisions as to how your estate will be disbursed and divided and that can only be done with a valid Will. If you do not have a Will in the state of Alabama, the state has laws which will dictate how your estate is to be divided and who the beneficiaries will be. There could very well be someone in your family that you have never gotten along with and have no desire or reason to provide for them, but without a Will, they could be entitled to a portion of your estate according to the estate laws of Alabama. Additionally, you need to consider having a Healthcare Directive or Living Will, prepared in the event of a catastrophic medical event which leaves you unable to make your own medical decisions. Don’t leave those decisions to the doctors and the hospital, choose the person you want making those decisions. Also a Power of Attorney may be needed to allow a person you choose to make necessary decisions on your behalf which are not medically related.

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